Cahow Chick Hatching ! Watch Live Now on CahowCam

UPDATE: March 6th 1:08 AM Chick has hatched!!!

The Cahow egg in the CahowCam burrow Is hatching, tune in now to see it live on the CahowCam


The egg is in burrow #831 on Nonsuch Island in Bermuda, from which the CahowCam has been broadcasting LIVE for the past 3 nesting seasons.

When Senior Conservation Officer Jeremy Madeiros conducted a health check at 10 am this morning the egg had dimples facing outwards which usually indicates a chick starting to push its way out (as opposed to inward facing dimples indicating a damaged / failed egg). Although this is a few days earlier than initially projected it is hoped that this is the beginning of the hatching process that can take up to 48 hrs.

UPDATE: As of 8:30 pm Atlantic time on the evening of March 3rd, increased activity from the female seems to indicate that the hatching is imminent.
UPDATE: As of 3:30 AM on March 4th the egg is still intact and event is still in progress.

UPDATE: March 5th at 9:20 AM Jeremey has conformed the egg is hatching.

UPDATE: March 6th 1:08 AM Chick hatched!

Witness this rarely seen occurrence on the CahowCam
 The LiveStream and replays can be seen here.