Nonsuch Island Hurricane Watch 2019 | LIVE VIEW

This past hurricane season our followers around the World used our LiveCams to monitor the storms from our view of the South Coast of Nonsuch Island.

During Humberto, despite 80% of the Bermuda mainland loosing power, we were able to remain LIVE using the Solar Array on Nonsuch, our wireless internet connection, and a stronger than expected post that held our new surface camera during the 100 mph+ winds.

Watch the LIVE View here:

Hurricane Humberto September 18/19 2019

Hurricane Humberto passed by Bermuda on September 18th / 19th 2019 where its stronger than expected winds created more damage than expected to the island’s foliage and power grid leaving 80% of the island in blackout after it passed. There was also damage to homes and other structures throughout the island, however due to our concrete construction methods and slate stone roofs it was nowhere near the amount of damage that would be expected should the same 145 mph winds have passed through the Caribbean. On the whole our infrastructure remains intact and as of Tuesday the 24th the vast majority of homes have power back and the island definitely open for business from a Tourism point of view.

Nonsuch Island held up quite well, our solar array is intact and working, our wireless internet link to the mainland is still live and we were able to live stream from our new surface camera in Translocation Colony A throughout the storm which was viewed from this page and published to Facebook LIVE for viewers around the World.

See Jeremy’s preparation video here and a replay of the FaceBook stream below.