CahowCam Archived Highlights 

2015 CahowCam HIGHLIGHTS

UPDATE: June 2105 |  After a very successful nesting season resulting in 57 chicks hatching the Cahows are starting to fledge and head out to sea. During this period we will be beta testing our new custom built multi camera setup with live switching that will be used in our upcoming Nocturnal Expeditions and Educational Broadcasts. For more information or to participate in the tests, please see here.

3 day old Cahow chick from 2014 Season

3 day old Cahow chick from 2014 Season

UPDATE: March 2015  |    The Cahows have arrived back on Nonsuch for the 2015 nesting season and each successful pair has laid a single egg with the first eggs expected to hatch in the beginning of March. 

March 2nd 2015 - Streaming live from #831:  We have installed a new camera in burrow 831 with the egg scheduled to hatch some time in the next 48 hrs. From the activity it appears as if it will be any moment now, keep watching this stream as this will be the first time that this has ever been seen or filmed!

March 4th 2015 - Chick hatched at 1.45 pm: See video highlights below. This is the first time that a Cahow chick has ever been observed hatching and this event was streamed live and seen worldwide via this website!

2015 CahowCam LIVESTREAM.

* Rainbow, the star of our 2015 CahowCam LiveStream fledged successfully on the night of June 5th 2015, the burrow was then promptly occupied by a land crab that spent the next week or so eating / cleaning out the nesting materials. We have now taken the camera offline for possible repositioning in a LongTail nest until it is needed for the next Cahow season that starts with courtships in November. Please signup for our Newsletter for notifications.



Highlights from 2015 Season

Cahow Chick Hatching:  

For the first time ever on March 4th 2015 we observed, filmed and live streamed a Cahow Chick Hatching, this is the second rarest seabird on the planet and a major event to be filming, see video below:

Archived Videos from 2014 Season

This is a rebroadcast of archived the LiveStream video feed of the final day prior to the fledging (departure) of the chick during the night on May 28th 2014, which was streaming 24/7*** directly from burrow #831 on Nonsuch Island.

*** UPDATE   Lightning fledged earlier than expected on the evening of May 28th around 11pm. This has now been confirmed.

We are now repeating the last 24 hours of video captured prior to his (or her) departure (as opposed to showing the currently empty nest). You may also view archived footage, photos and reports from the past few weeks in the BLOG.


Our custom built cameras and 940nm infrared lights are using solar power provided by Ascendant and wireless internet provided by Logic Communications to stream this footage to the LiveStream servers and onto this page.

The underground burrow is kept in complete darkness and our infrared lighting is completely invisible to the birds. The cameras which are specially designed to be able to "see" this wavelength translate it as the grey / blue as seen above.

Alternatively viewers can browse highlights from this season on our blog.

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