The Nonsuch Expeditions

The LookBermuda Team conducts ongoing Expeditions on the Nonsuch Island Nature Reserve, around Bermuda into its surrounding waters and the Sargasso Sea.

In the spirit of Nonsuch Island's and Bermuda's incredible history, under the "Nonsuch Expeditions" umbrella, we leverage the latest media and technology for Conservation, Cultural Heritage Preservation, Exploration and Educational Outreach.

With our international University, Media and Technology partners we develop timely solutions to conservation and other challenges using Nonsuch and Bermuda as the ultimate testing ground and field school.

When timing and logistics permit, depending upon their skill sets and interests our Patrons are invited to join our Team on one of our current Expeditions, a once in a lifetime truly unforgettable experience.

Current Projects include:

  • Nonsuch Island Exploration and CahowCam Project
  • Bermuda Biodiversity Photography
  • Shipwreck and Coral Reef Photogrammetry 
  • Sargasso Sea species collection
  • Lionfish hunting