Nonsuch Island Hurricane Gonzalo Update #1

Gonzalo eye passing over Bermuda

Gonzalo eye passing over Bermuda

We are happy to report that despite a direct hit by Hurricane Gonzalo, in the initial surveys it does not appear that Nonsuch Island suffered any major damage to it's Infrastructure or Geology.

Despite fears of the island being cut in two by the waves, the beach and costal areas suffered far less than during hurricanes Fabian and Igor.

It has however suffered substantial damage to the vegetation with some of the larger cedars and bay-grapes being uprooted or broken. The Bermuda Palmettos and Olive Woods however appear to have little or no damage.

This week the priority will be to get the Cahow nesting sites and manmade burrows ready, including diving up the concrete lids that will have been blown overboard on the outer islands, as the Cahows should be returning this week for their mating rituals. Fortunately the translocation site on Nonsuch Island where our cameras are located suffered virtually no damage.

It should be noted that the Ascendant supplied solar power system withstood the winds and  there is still power on the island which will be very helpful as we prepare to start streaming live from the Cahow nesting sites for the next season.

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