Nonsuch Island Photography Expeditions

LookBermuda has just completed the second phase of its Biodiversity Survey Photography Expeditions focused on the Nonsuch Island Nature Reserve and surrounding waters.

In these expeditions,  the LookBermuda team led by photographer & filmmaker Jean-Pierre Rouja are collaborating with world renowned photographer David Liittschwager to produce a series of unique images to showcase the biodiversity of this unique island habitat.

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The resulting imagery is being used to enhance local curriculums, to obtain international exposure and to highlight Bermuda’s Eco Tourism assets in part via the website, allowing users to virtually visit the island which is otherwise too sensitive to accommodate the masses.

To reach a wider audience a Nonsuch Island themed exhibit is being created for LookBermuda’s AirportArt project. For this project LookBermuda has secured the rights to install large scale art installations throughout the Bermuda International Airport to educate, entertain and enhance the travelers experience and the Nonsuch Expeditions will be the first of the themed installations.

To reach the non-traveling public, a MobileArt exhibit mirroring the airport installation will be shown in public popup art exhibits throughout the island and also throughout the island’s public and private schools. In the schools it will be accompanied by curriculum content developed by the LookBermuda Foundation.


These expeditions would not be possible without the support and assistance of: 

Senior Terrestrial Conservation Officer (Cahow Recovery Program manager): Jeremey Madeiros

Marine Species Collector: Chris Flook

Sponsors: Jim Butterfield, Richard Rockefeller