Hurricane Nicole Update

Bermuda and Nonsuch Island in particular dodged the proverbial bullet with Hurricane Nicole.

The Category 2 storm passed directly over the island, with Bermuda passing directly through the eye, which resulted in the winds flipping directly from East to West without passing to the South which traditionally causes a tremendous amount of coastal erosion.

The fact that it also passed at low tide further reduced the impact of the southerly swells which in recent storms have been severely impacting the original outlying Cahow nesting islands re-enforcing the importance and urgency of the Nonsuch Translocation Project.

On Nonsuch there was tree damage with large Bay Grapes in particular being uprooted.  The salt and wind-burn however was the worst since Hurricane Fabian due in part to the second part of the storm being dry. This has had the side benefit of reducing the number of invasive seedlings and stressing the remaining casuarinas, making the recent round of girdling that much more effective in their removal process.

The timing of this late in the season storm, in mid October, was also quite fortunate, Gonzalo which arrived a week later 2 years prior, drowned 5 pairs of Cahows in their nests which had returned slightly early for their November courtship and nest preparation rituals. This storm being a week earlier does not appear to have had similar effects.