2016 Educational Outreach - Under Construction


This is a hidden placeholder page for the Nonsuch Island Expeditions educational content, there will not be a public link to this page in our navigation so to get back to it you will need to use this link (please bookmark it): http://www.nonsuchisland.com/edu

The CahowCam is currently broadcasting live from burrow #831 on Nonsuch Island where the chick hatched on March 6th (see replays below)!


The chick hatched at 1:08 am on March 6th! replay event below.

The chick being fed when 18 hrs old:

Here is the Livestream player which will auto play when the stream is LIVE


Here is a link to the current public CahowCam page: http://www.nonsuchisland.com/live-cahow-cam/ At the top you will see a player for the Live video (unless there is a streaming error) and below you will see archived highlights from earlier in the season.

This current page http://www.nonsuchisland.com/edu will be developed and maintained for classroom purposes. Our goal for 2016 is to combine the live feed from the burrow with live video of Terrestrial Conservation Officer Jeremey Madeiros conducting the regular health checks of the chick (which he conducts for every chick in the colony every 2 or 3 days throughout the 3 month season). See 2013 sample here: http://www.nonsuchisland.com/cahow-cam-archive/#/2013-week-12/

We will attempt to schedule these at a specific days / times each week to allow the classrooms to tune in live to watch Jeremy checking on the chick. They will be able to ask him questions via email or text that he will answer live on camera.

The Cahow chick will take approximately 3 months to fledge all of which you will be able to observe if you check in weekly. To preview what this process might look like please click through the video archive from 2013  which combines edited CahowCam footage with the weekly health assessments (keep in mind that what we are proposing for 2016 will be much more user friendly): http://www.nonsuchisland.com/cahow-cam-archive/ 

We will also add edited videos throughout the season to fall back on should the wireless LiveStream from Nonsuch have technical issues or to highlight special events:

This page will be updated regularly, so please keep checking back. Any comments or suggestions can be emailed to lookbermuda@mac.com

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