Hello World! Cahow chick hatches with several hundred CahowCam viewers watching.

Hello, World!

March 6th 2016 1:08 am

Its a .............chick!  
After a very long hatching period, (The first stage of hatching, "dimpling" cracks of the eggshell as the chick started to crack its way out, was first noted at 9.00am on Thursday March 3rd), another Cahow, one of the world's rarest seabirds, entered the world at 1.08am Sunday morning march 6th.
The chick, still wet at this point from having just emerged from within the eggshell, will be brooded and occasionally preened gently by the female bird, and in about 4 hours should have dried out and assumed its familiar "grey puffball" appearance.
It is still not completely safe, as a very small percentage of chicks become so exhausted by the hatching process that they succumb within the first hours after entering the world. However, this chick appears to have plenty of energy and so things look very good at this point.
Incidentally, this chick makes the 23rd that I have confirmed having hatched so far in total on all 5 of the tiny nesting colonies by Saturday evening, including the 4th on Nonsuch.
Thanks to everyone that has shown interest and checked in during this long, long process!
All the best, Jeremy
Jeremy Madeiros, Senior Conservation Officer (Terrestrial) , Dept. Of Conservation Services, BERMUDA

A big Thank You to Jeremy from the Nonsuch Expeditions Team!

This year the hatching event was streamed in real time to the world* and recorded in HD!  This was all made possible by the Department of Conservations Services, Solar Power from Ascendant and Internet Access from Logic with Wireless support from Compass Networks. The CahowCam cameras and infrared lighting were custom built by LookBermuda | LookFilms for The Nonsuch Expeditions and will be made available to similar conservation projects around the world.

*Over the past 7 days there have been 6,000 unique views totaling 100,000 minutes of streaming video.

To follow the growth of the chick until it fledges in June, please visit and bookmark the CahowCam page: http://www.nonsuchisland.com/live-cahow-cam/

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